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With The Ninja Guide to Marketing, you’ll become video expert in under 5 minutes. We cut straight to the chase, so if you think you can keep up—read on!

First things first.

Video marketing is a big deal. 100 million Internet users watch videos online every day. According to the latest (2014) research from Content Marketing Institute, 88% of B2B marketers use videos as their primary marketing tactic. The problem is most marketers don’t feel they have the ability to create engaging and relevant videos that convert.

So let’s start with the basics.

Video marketing lies on the top of the marketing funnel in both the Awareness and Consideration stage, depending on your goal. Either the video is a tactic to create more brand awareness, site traffic or your goal is to strengthen your brand’s credibility.

video marketing ideas

Once you choose which goal you want to accomplish with video, then it’s time to develop a strategy. Here’s a little hint. A video that draws Awareness often times answers a broad question. A video that draws Consideration addresses a specific pain point.

Video Strategy Tips

So the steps towards a successful video campaign are:

Step 1: Define your goal.

Step 2: Develop a strategy.

Step 3: Get creative!

Below are some of our favorite B2B videos that we find are engaging, relevant, and fun.

video development

UPS – The Logistics of Pasta

Working at Dropbox

Cisco’s Product Launch

The True ROI of Design

Levick – Why Video Marketing is Essential

Evernote Business – The Architect’s Story

Brother Labels – Meet Brigitte. Label printing enthusiasts

Moz – Analytics Song

Feeling inspired yet? Most likely, these companies didn’t become video experts overnight. Knowing how to read and analyze video metrics is half the battle!

video production chicago

When you invest all this time in creating awesome videos, understanding important video metrics is essential. Knowing your way around video metrics will help strengthen your video strategy each time. Let’s focus on relevancy, quality, and conversion. Video experts from Ticketleap, Levick, and Visually shared some great B2B video tips with us! Take a look:

Sarah Lang from Ticketleap on ‘relevancy’…

online video marketing tips

Some ninja tips on creating relevant videos:

  • Be strategic on where you place the video online
  • If the play rate is low, consider reevaluating the core message
  • Be sure the video’s topic is current

Peter LaMotte from LEVICK on ‘quality’…

online video marketing advice

Some ninja tips for creating high-quality videos:

  • Keep your videos clear and to the point, but always make room for fun
  • If video content is too long, split them up into a small video series
  • Look at the analytics, and make note where viewers dropped off
  • Make sure the topic and the content fulfills viewer’s expectations

Stephanie Castillo from Visually on ‘conversion’…

online video marketing conversion tips

Some ninja tips on creating videos that convert:

  • Make sure your video has a clear call-to-action (CTA)
  • Add tracking links to better track how your video is performing
  • Choose a topic that is relevant to your target audience

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About the Author: Shannon Callarman is the marketing coordinator at Cubicle Ninjas. She’s the tiny ninja behind the CN Twitter and LinkedIn.

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