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10 Signs you Need a Website Update

The internet is constantly evolving. With so much change happening so fast, it’s easy to fall slightly behind. Unfortunately, this means you may already be long overdue for a website update. Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 signs you need a website update. Read on to see if your page could use some attention.

improve your business website update signs

1. The Number of Visitors is Declining

If your number of visitors is on a downslide and you aren’t sure why, a stale website may be to blame. People crave improvement and need to see occasional updates if they visit your website consistently. Why continue to check a page that never offers anything new? A thoughtful website refresh is a great way to draw in new traffic an entice past visitors to take another look.

website update suggestions

2. Your Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly

It’s a simple fact that your website MUST be mobile friendly or risk punishment from Google. More people are using their cell phones than ever before to access the Internet, and your site needs to be responsive to ensure a positive experience. If you haven’t satisfied this basic parameter, you are well overdue for a website update.

Responsive websites are no longer enough either. Google now looks at your mobile website first as an indicator of quality. Some are even suggesting new methodologies, like Journey Driven Design. And tools like AMP, which is a fancy new way for websites to be even faster on mobile, are becoming more realistic for everyday business website use.

website update signs

3. Your Website is Slow to Load

If a website is loading rather slowly, it’s likely using outdated code or an ancient server. A website riddled with old code is sure to cause a host of technical and security problems in the future. More importantly, if your page takes too long to load, your visitors will find somewhere else to go. Why take a gamble on your web presence? Refresh your website and reduce your load times!

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4. Your Content is Inaccurate

At first, it may not be apparent that your site is outdated, but if your content is inaccurate, it’s going to cause some big problems. Incorrect pricing or contact information is a huge inconvenience to your visitors and will impact their trust in you. Avoid giving false impressions and get to work on your website update.

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5. You Use Outdated Tech, Like Flash

If you still have Flash on your website, you aren’t making the most of current technology, and you may pay the price. Only 6% of websites are still using this completely outdated tech, but those 6% deserve a swift death. This rusty tech is being discontinued and less websites are making use of it. It’s clunky, slow and most people will not pause to download the software. If you want your website to reach as many viewers as possible, you need to move beyond the era of Flash.

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6. You Have No Real Social Media Emphasis

One of the first specific audiences look for when they land on a website is social media profiles. If they like what you do they may want to subscribe to keep you in mind for future needs. If you haven’t incorporated this into your page, your website probably looks outdated or careless by default. Social media icons establish trustworthiness for many visitors, and encourage them to engage with your brand. If your social media presence isn’t exactly link-worthy, you may want to add that to the website update checklist as well.

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7. You Have Broken Pages

Broken pages are beyond annoying and are a glaring sign that your website is in need of drastic overhaul. 404 pages increase your bounce rate, urging visitors to look elsewhere for the missing content. If you’re concerned about broken pages, it might be time to run a quick audit and see if your website is in need of a clean-up.

website update suggestions improve your business

8. Your Own Brand Has Evolved

Think about this for a moment. Any successful brand is going to evolve over the years. Even the largest and most renowned brands don’t stay stagnant. Your website is a big piece of the puzzle and shouldn’t be neglected. If your other brand elements are in sync and your web presence is reflecting the past, a website update is in your future.

website update signs improve your business

9. Your Design is Just Old School

If you spend some time browsing the Internet, then you will have a good idea of the latest trends in web design. Remember that people make their decision about a website within the first few seconds. If your design is clearly old and hasn’t been changed for a decade, your visitors are unlikely to have faith that your content is current and reliable. A good rule of thumb is to plan for a website update every 2-3 years.

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10. You Don’t Expect Your Website To Generate Leads

Curious to hear the number one statement we hear in conversations website owners?

Our website never generates leads. That’s because our business isn’t like others, so our website is just there to inform.

Every website exists to generate leads. Every industry has websites that generate leads. And no one is excluded from this. If your website doesn’t generate leads that is serious problem. Now, it is likely not entirely the website’s fault (which we’ll cover in a future article), but not holding it accountable to provide a return on your investment is a mistake. You need to know, not hope, that your website is adding significant value.

If you don’t know how to validate if your website is adding value be sure to talk to a professional. The web is beautiful because it is made of data. Your team should be able to analyze why people aren’t arriving, staying, or converting. Believing websites “don’t work” is giving up. Proving why yours isn’t working now and then fixing it is the mission of a talented website team.

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