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you are perfect

While you may have been the world’s greatest Mom last summer or someone’s ideal role-model for a whole day, the problem with perfection is that it doesn’t stick around.

Let’s try a thought experiment: Look across your life and estimate how many minutes you’ve touched greatness in the eyes of others. Even if you’ve reached perfection for a few minutes a day, you’d see that all people are sub-perfect 99% of the time. Say I believe your company is above average. Instead of spending 99% of time being imperfect we only find 90% in your esteemed ranks. Even with this best case scenario, isn’t building trust an impossible goal with so much imperfection?

Cubicle Ninjas defines the goal of exceptional marketing as cultivating trust. This means every opportunity to build and strengthen trust is marketing’s responsibility.

Miraculously, you can build trust even faster when you make a mistake and correct it with dignity. Have a smile ready, some honest answers, and a clear plan of actions for when reality hits. A few years back this idea was shunned in global companies. Mistakes were made, hidden, and grew exponentially damaging. Today, transparency is the new marketing term for good ol’ honesty.

If your company obsesses over becoming perfect, you immediately plan to fail at this goal 99% of the time. What if you planned for both success and “less then perfection”? That sounds like a 100% improvement to me.

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