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Microsoft announced a new application today called Songsmith. Designed to work the upcoming version of Windows, it is a music program encouraging users to sing as a matching background track is generated. And while novel in concept, the press they’re getting is a little less positive.

Why? Well their official advertisement shows it running on an Apple computer.

Lesson: Sometimes it is better not to do an ad then to do one so poorly it can only be used as evidence of your incompetence.


  • Kevin James says:

    I believe they are making these advertisements as a joke. Microsoft has a less evil marketing campaign than apple does. When was the last time you saw a Microsoft ad directly bashing apple? I can not recall one. I can name about 12 Mac commercials / advertisements that directly bash Microsoft.

    Microsoft is not as dumb as you think. Someone from Microsoft is sitting back laughing at the mac fan boys taking this so seriously.

  • Ninja King says:

    Hi James – thanks very much for the comment!

    I simply wanted to say that I don’t Microsoft is dumb at all. We love any company that can change the world by releasing a new product. But their video advertising is simply awful and they deserve better. So while this may appear to be a “Mac vs PC article”, it is in fact, and “Anti-crappy commercial article”.

  • Michael says:

    I simply wanted to say that your portfolio is amazing. It much better than mine! And it is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work ninjas.

    Regarding the ad, anyone that thinks this is funny is beyond the point of help. Poor Kevin James…

  • Well… As a matter of fact Windows Vista runs very well on Apple Computers… (Better than most PC’s) and we know that every artist wannabe in the world have a Mac…. this software’s target is the musician-wannabe, most of them already have apple computers…. so maybe this is a way to tell them; Buy this software…. oh… and by the way, you might also want to buy our Operating System… it works fine on your Mac. Remember that Microsoft don’t sell computers, they sell mainly software and OS… The add is awful so so so so bad, that I’ve already seen a zillion posts about it, and more parodies than any other Microsoft or Apple add. So… bad not necessarily means unsuccessful… Fav quote from the add: “So it’s Microsoft, so it shall be pretty easy to use uh?” hahahahaha.
    Note: This post is meant to be sung using Songsmith, so that way you’ll buy whatever I’m saying. Use the Jazzy-Happy settings.

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