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48 Winning PowerPoint Samples

What makes a winning powerpoint? Can theme design alone elevate content to a “win”?

Our designers had these questions in mind when we curated this post on 48 winning powerpoint samples, and the larger series. Effective presentations blend creative content with idea, but at what ratio? What if we looked at the most popular presentations the world had ever seen (borrowed from SlideShare data) to learn?

From looking at the below, it would seem that design plays an even greater role than we originally believed, as the winning powerpoint theme design samples are both inspirational and entertaining. Even when the content isn’t that enlightening, a creative theme can drive action!

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Animated Motion Graphic Illustration Style

Social Media Brand Focused

Visual Collection with Magazine Style Design

New Yorker Sketch Style

Stark Iconography & Copy

New York Times Bestseller Styling

Representing Data via Illustration

Napkin Sketch Themed

Single Background with Design-led Copy

Professional Workshop Creative Focused

Futuristic Image Driven

Microsoft Paint Cartoon Style

Classic Business Blue with Font Focus

Powerful Impossible Imagery

Playing to Fear

Flat Design Presentation

Design Elements Framing Presenter

Illustration Applied Over Photography

Object Detail Focused

Metaphor Representation Through Photography

Retro Futurism Design Presentation

Illustrated Map

Data Driven Example

Thought Leader Brand Focused

Simple Retro Classic

Image and Font Conflict

Caveman Style

Animal Silhouettes

Vector Geometric Illustration

Stamp Effect

Classic Advertising Focused

Stylized People Iconography

Harvard Business Review Cartoons

Unforgettable Photography

Centered Copy

50/50 Layout with Reserved Typography

Illustrated Inspirational Stories

Sketch Fonts and Illustrations

Classic Artist Theme

Hidden Smiley Face

Overlapped Illustrations

Vacation Inspired

Desk Design


Classic Photography Focused

White Copy on Black Background

Business Success via Visual Metaphor

Typesetter Analogy Theme

Clean Business Quiz Format

Bonus #49: Sketchnotes

Bonus #50: Comic Book Cartoon Presentation Creative

Bonus #51: Guide Book Aesthetic

Bonus #52: Positive Imagery with Short Copy

Bonus #53: Pop Culture Visual Extravaganza!

Which PowerPoint Theme Design is Your Winner?

The best part of any creative endeavor is that we all have unique preferences. Depending on your audience and style, winning presentations are the ones that most effectively achieve your goals.

Across our series we’ve been collecting data about each of the presentations above, both in terms of design, content, usages, and presentation method. In the coming weeks we’ll share an analysis of the factors of a compelling presentation, and how to translate even ugly presentations into successes.

We hope our winning powerpoint samples help inspire new ways of thinking! If you need a presentation design agency to make that happen, be in touch and we’d love to help bring your vision to life.

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Series Part 1: 40 Creative Presentation Examples and Theme Ideas
Series Part 2: 44 Good PowerPoint Presentations

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