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“If you want to kill time, try working it to death.”
– Sam Levonson

To those people that tell you work isn’t life:

  • You will spend at least 2,080 hours per year working a full-time job in the United States
  • This equals 87 straight days working per year without a single break to eat, drink or sleep
  • If you begin working full time at age 18 and stop at 65 you’ll spend 97,760 hours at work
  • Or we can look at this as only 4,073 continuous days without a break
  • To put this in perspective, at a child’s eleventh birthday they’ll have barely experienced 4,000 days
  • Factoring out sleep, we only have 242 days per year to be awake
  • This means you spend greater than 36% of your waking time working
  • If we average 2 hours a day eating then we only have 212 days to call our own
  • And this increases our time spent working to greater than 41%
  • The average time spent behind the wheel each day for Americans is 87 minutes
  • If we consider this part of your work day, then you are at work for 45% of your time

Each year you will work:

Anyone that says work is not life is asking you to waste half of your life. Make every minute on this planet valuable. Find what you love to do and share your passion with the world.

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  • Interesting statistics. You’ll often hear “we have it so good, in the old days you had to hunt for food all day” but apparently the bushmen work a lot less? For what quality of life?
    Europe seems nice..

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