Dealership VR

Vehicle Showcase

For as long as they’ve existed, car dealerships have faced a major obstacle: their products are very large, and floor space is always at a premium. And since much of their sales come from options, add-ons, and customizations, it’s simply not feasible to have a physical example of every possible combination on the showroom floor.

That’s where Virtual Reality technology comes in. Using a VR headset and advanced computer models of all of their products and add-ons, a whole new world of sales possibilities opens up! Using Cubicle Ninjas’ Dealership VR app, salespeople can take their clients to a virtual showroom with infinite capabilities to customize their car to match their exact needs. And it doesn’t end there — they can even take their new car on a virtual test drive!

Next Level

User Experience

Dealership VR represents a whole new realm of capabilities for vehicle sales. By letting clients actually interact with their car, salespeople can deliver a hands-on experience that surpasses anything from a catalog or a website.