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One of the core ninja principles is to always question the status quo. That’s why we make the Ninjawards each year. Our team shares what the brightest areas of inspiration, adds a dash of constructive criticism, and ultimately, highlights unexplored realms of design or technology that deserve to be charted.

Together we’ll explore what’s RAD, what’s BAD, and what’s the next hot FAD across 40+ pages of 2020 design trends exploring:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Branding
  • Film and Motion Graphics
  • Immersive Reality
  • Presentation Design
  • Web Design
  • SEO

We hope the Ninjawards eBook unlocks new perspectives for your creative in 2020!

Over 40 pages of creative insights on what’s rad, what’s bad, and what’s 2020’s next fad.

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