Eclipse Tech

Branding Initiative

Eclipse Tech created a brilliant cloud rendering service catered to academic institutions and smaller content producers that were underserved by other offerings in the market. To introduce their capabilities, Eclipse Tech needed to build a brand identity and web presence that promoted their groundbreaking services while showcasing the innovative and high-tech nature of the company.

Cubicle Ninjas got right to work! We started by developing a beautiful logo that pulled together space imagery, a strong color palette, and a cutting-edge yet elegantly simplistic design. From there, we constructed an authoritative brand voice, along with messaging guidelines and copywriting. Using this new brand identity, we built a beautiful and powerful website that explained their product, how it stands out, and how it can help solve the problems institutions have with on-demand processing.

Eclipse Tech used its bold brand identity and website to promote its services and gain a foothold in the valuable markets its product was built to serve.