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Signs website outdated

1. The Number of Visitors is Declining.

If you are finding that your visitor numbers are declining, then it may be due to your website just not coming across as being interesting enough. People need to see movement on websites to make them feel like visiting on a regular basis, but if they see that nothing has changed for years, then there is just no reason for them to visit you anytime soon. And it isn’t just people who enjoy a refresh: search engines love new, unique content in healthy regular doses. If you aren’t seeing enough leads, it may be time for a site redesign. Source: Kissmetrics

2. Your Website isn’t Mobile Friendly.

It is now the case that your website has to be mobile friendly or you are going to end up being punished by the likes of Google with the search engine results. More people are using their cell phones than ever before when it comes to accessing the Internet, and your site needs to be responsive so their experience is not impacted in a negative sense. If your site doesn’t move over to these dimensions, then it’s time for a site redesign. Source: Smart Insights

3. Your Website is Slow to Load.

If a website is rather slow to load, then the chances are that this is because it is using code that has long been surpassed. This bad code slows down the rate at which the website can be loaded and this is just going to make people click off your site and go elsewhere, so there’s every chance that it is going to hamper the success of your site in more ways than one. Source: Google PageSpeed Test

4. Your Content is Inaccurate.

At first, it may not be apparent that your site is outdated, but if your content is inaccurate, then you can see how it is going to become a bit of a problem. This can mean prices are wrong, your contact information is wrong, even what you do may have changed and your site is still reflecting something that is just not true. Giving this false impression is something to be avoided.

5. You Can’t Update Your Website Easily.

You shouldn’t have to be an Internet wizard to add new content to your website. Older content management systems have a tendency to break, holding your online presence hostage. If you feel trapped by tech ghosts of the past than odds are good it is time to rethink your website. A site redesign will include the updating of the technical foundation, allowing you to start taking immediate actions.

6. You Have Broken Pages.

Broken pages are beyond annoying and they can also be another sign that your site is outdated and is in need of a drastic overhaul. These pages, referred to as being a 404 page, is going to increase your bounce rate where people simply go elsewhere because they cannot get the information they were looking for on your website. If you are concerned, then perhaps do an audit of your site to see if there are any problems. Source: v9

7. Your Own Brand Has Evolved.

Think about this for a moment. It’s always going to be likely that your own brand is going to evolve over the years. Even massive international companies do this, so it’s not exactly unusual. However, your website is also part of your brand, so failure to update it does mean that you are letting yourself down. It is always best to make sure that everything is the same across the board, so if your website shows something from the past, then you need to make some changes.

8. Your Overall Website Design is Just Old School.

If you spend some time trawling the Internet, then you will have a good idea of the latest trends in web design. Remember that people make their decision about a website’s quality within the first few seconds, and if your design is clearly old and hasn’t been changed for a decade, then that is going to become apparent. They say that you should change your design every 2 to 3 years just to stay fresh. If you haven’t, your site design is definitely communicating this to your customers.

9. Your Only Analytics Is A Hit Counter.

Hit counters were all the rage back in the early days of the Internet, but they have since seen their popularity hit the rocks. People are just not that interested in them now, as powerful real-time analytics are now a free standard. So, if your website still has one proudly proclaiming how many people have checked out your site, then it’s time to upgrade to an analytics package that can give you tangible insight. Source: Stack Exchange

Social media website redesign

10. You Don’t Utilize Social Media Effectively.

One of the first things that people now look for when they go to a website are the links to social media profiles. If you do not have any of these kinds of icons on your website, it looks like you’re antisocial. Social Media is where people spend most of their online free-time, and people see these icons as being a sign that they can trust the website. So, be sure to add them if you have not already done so.

A Site Redesign Doesn’t Have To Be Painful.

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