Scope of Work

Making It Happen

AeroTurbine had a big challenge: they had to find a way to present huge amounts of technical information in a compelling and cohesive way. As a provider of airframe component, aircraft engines, and management solutions for some of the biggest names in the aviation industry, it was important to create a presentation that delivered critical information while also being visually appealing.

Cubicle Ninjas focused on consolidating information so that each slide was organized, easily understandable, and ultimately helped tell the story of AeroTurbine’s past successes and future goals. The subtle backgrounds and angled swatches of color add visual interest without detracting from the content on each slide. Heavy iconography helps to balance the more delicate line work of AeroTurbine’s aviation models while the blue-grey color palette ties each element together with occasional pops of red to call out important details.


Before & After

With a finished product that successfully melded in-depth content with balanced aesthetics, AeroTurbine was able to inspire and inform their clients and partners.