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Need some help with your next presentation? We’ve rounded up three of the best presentation design methodologies developed by three thoughts leaders; all known for using presentations to tell a story, pitch an idea, and spread awareness. When our ninjas design presentations, we often use these methodologies for inspiration. And also to make the design not only beautiful, but effective.

Present like a top leader with these 3 presentation design methodologies.

1. Guy Kawasaki’s 10.20.30 Method


Guy Kawaski’s presentation design methodology is the perfect ratio between font, how many slides, and how much time. It breaks down to:

  • 10 Slides: 10 slides is enough to get your point across. Each slide should have one key point or concept.
  • 20 Minutes: Even if you have an hour to present, keep it at 20 minutes. No matter how interesting the topic, you’ll start to lose people’s attention. You also have to keep certain factors in mind such as people arriving early or leaving late, or the time it takes to set up.
  • 30 Type font: Make sure everyone in the audience is able to read the font, no matter where they are sitting. One of the myths Kawasaki points out is “more text makes the presentation more believable”, which is totally false.

2. Seth Godin’s Image-Heavy Method


Seth Godin believes that a PowerPoint presentation should speak for itself. If you want to change people’s mind, don’t forget the art of storytelling when presenting. Use images that triggers emotion. When using text, make sure the text correlates with the image strongly. People are extremely visual so when telling a story with images, the impression it makes on the audience will last longer.

3. Steve Job’s Minimalist Method


Steve Job’s presentation design methodology has been based around Minimalism and is still often used today. It correlates strongly with Apple’s product design method, “less is more”. Use the bare minimum when designing each slide, the message will speak louder. Less noise can allow your audience to digest the message easier. Jobs also presented concepts in 3’s using numbers and data.

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