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Retro Returns

What’s old is new again! Designers are blending nostalgic aesthetics with modern print design principles for the best of both worlds. The result is a distinctive look and feel that adds character to even the simplest projects. We’re excited to see more throwbacks with a contemporary twist for 2018 print design trends.

Double Color Exposure

We’re seeing double! In 2017, this colorful and funky technique became a new classic. Overlaying photographs to create one image creates an impressive, otherworldly look and feel. Expect to see even more stunning and inventive color explorations in print design.

Semi Flat Elements

This design trend is quickly becoming the Goldilocks moment of the industry. Not too minimal, not too heavy-handed, but nestled somewhere in between. By pairing the elegance and readability of a flat aesthetic with subtle gradients and three dimensional elements, designers are injecting some long-awaited life back into their work.

Image Wrapped Text

The intricate weaving of elegant letterforms and breathtaking images adds serious intensity and style. This trend is giving print design a sense of movement and cinematic drama that is unforgettable. We’re eager to see further exploration of this jaw-dropping style. Our ninjas see this as one of the key 2018 print design trends to watch live for years to come.


This digital-inspired aesthetic topped the list of 2017 print design trends, and we aren’t surprised. Originating with video game models, the appearance of these geometric shapes in print is unexpected and fun. Ultimately, it gives a design a uniquely abstract feeling while still conveying a recognizable figure. In 2018, we expect to see the application of this style further diversified.

Stark Minimalism

The hey-day of ultra-simple design has come to an end. In an increasingly visual world, successful print design demands a stronger voice. Designers that default to an overly plain aesthetic run the risk of producing boring and ineffectual work. In 2018, let’s put forth the effort to innovate and evolve.

Social Media Icons

The addition of tiny buttons on everything from flyers to billboards is one of the most baffling print trends. Without the ability to interact, isolated buttons offer nothing of value to the viewer. Not only does it look lazy, it also isolates less tech-savvy audiences who may not be able to find your brand online. You’re better off reserving the space for something useful, like actual URLs.

Glitch/Deconstructed Imagery

One of the most exciting new print design trends creates an avant-garde aesthetic that is deliciously grungy. These artfully distressed images with imaginative details would look at home on a gallery wall. We’re excited to see thoughtful, complex work that challenges design norms, and we want more!

Totally 80’s!

80’s babies rejoice! The totally tubular decade has come back in a big way. 80’s nostalgia has had a massive influence on present-day pop culture, and this is trickling into the design industry as well. Expect to see bold colors, playful shapes and dramatic typography refined by modern touches as one of favorite 2018 print design trends.

Takeaway: Long live print! Even with the advent of new tech, print design continues to captivate. Designers are pushing the envelope to create pieces that are bolder and more engaging than ever. Bid a fond farewell to the minimalist styles of the past and get ready for awe-inspiring visuals.

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