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1. It looks exactly like the competition.
Do you have a blue website? Is it a Sans-serif logo? Do you have cheesy stock images (like the above) instead of real people? Does your CEO keep asking to copy your competition? Your company is unique, so let’s make sure your brand unique too.

2. It is unprofessional.
Many businesses leave branding on the bottom of their to-do lists. The thinking is that it allows a new business to get up and running while dodging the initial design costs. Because this is so common though, there are too many companies with afterthought brands. Take the time to improve your look and imagine all of the potential customers who will give you a second-chance.

3. It is unclear what you do.
Don’t laugh – you’d be shocked how businesses seem to strive to be unknown. A brand does more then look pretty, it should tell others what you do and why. Blank brands are missed opportunities.

4. It looks outdated.
People are fickle. We respond very well to what is new. A brand can tell us how busy a company is, and from this information we infer greater successful. A tired brand gives customers the impression business isn’t good and this only means your product/service isn’t up to par in their minds.

5. It doesn’t inspire.
The best brands defy convention and build excitement. It is important for your customers to feel something when they learn more. And the inspiration doesn’t end externally – your employees need a place they can believe in. When they pull out their business card, don’t you want them to have the comfort of a brand they can stand behind?

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