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Be Savvy and Follow These 6 Marketing Blogs

As creative ninjas, we are always looking for insight into how to do things better, more efficiently, and even more creatively. These blogs are great resources for companies in all industries. We encourage you to check them out and maybe even follow a few.

1. Violeta Nedkova

Looking for useful and lighthearted information? Then you should follow Violeta. She’s abandoned themed blogs in favor of sharing articles that range from things that are important to her to ones that can be helpful to you.

Violeta Nedkova 2

Violeta Nedkova 3

2. Amy Porterfield

Follow Amy if you are a small business looking for ways to increase traffic, leads, and sales. She is focused on helping you create your marketing initiatives with less stress and no drama.

Amy Porterfield 1

Amy Porterfield 2

3. Amy Lynn Andrews

Are you new to blogging or thinking about getting started? Amy provides tips for everything from how to start a blog to ways to keep your blog readers interested. Her blog is easy to read and includes useful information to help make your blog successful.

Amy Lynn Andrews 2

Amy Lynn Andrews 1

4. Jeff Bullas

Time is important. Do you need a single blog to follow for social media marketing, content marketing, and digital marketing? Follow Jeff for great information that will assist your business in “getting found online” in the crowded World Wide Web.

Jeff Bullas 1

Jeff Bullas 2

Jeff Bullas 3

5. Seth Godin

Follow Seth if you are looking for a blog that shares candid advice on the ways ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership, and changing everything. Shake things up with some great insight from Seth. His blog is easy to read with impactful short and sweet articles. You’ll be able to learn something new every day in less than a minute.

Seth Godin 1

Seth Godin 2

Seth Godin 3

6. Guy Kawasaki

Looking for a blog with a lot of variety? As an experienced marketing executive, Guy shares articles about life, marketing and sales, entrepreneurship, and everything in between. He does a great job presenting information in a fun and easy-to-digest format.

Guy Kawasaki 1

Guy Kawasaki 2

Guy Kawasaki 3

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