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It amazes us how clever people can be. Simple ideas can transform into something epic. All it takes is someone with the confidence to make it happen. But even if it’s an idea that will be the next big breakthrough, or just something clever enough to go viral on the Internet, it’s still awesome. No matter how big or small it is.

Today we bring you a few articles on innovation and clever ideas. Microsoft designer builds a spreadsheet app for touch-screen users, book covers are designed in chalk then later photographed, and a few of your favorite pop songs transformed into pictographs.


Innovation and clever ideas…

Microsoft Designer, Josh Leong, builds a spreadsheet app for a friendly touch-screen user experience.

We gathered a list of the top 20 best PowerPoint presentation designs.

Mashable presents 36 High-Quality Flat Design Resources.

The Ninja Files: Graphic Designer, Brian Moore’s Q&A Session.

Your favorite pop songs translated into puzzling pictographs.

Whimsical book cover designs created in chalk then photographed. Check out this video to see how it’s done!

What the Internet would look like if it wasn’t invisible.

Ready to execute your big idea? Here are 7 free eBook for designers.


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[Image Source: FastCo]


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