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The iOS App Store has over 1.2 million apps causing a huge shift in the app ecosystem. App users are more willing to download paid apps they know will make a difference in their lives, whether it’s to keep up with their health or entertain them for hours. Unfortunately, some apps that have great potential often don’t get the exposure they deserve.

What will make your app stand out? Take a look at these examples of the latest app design trends.

visual design trends 2015


Hybrid apps are made with web technology and can work on multiple devices.

app trends 2015 app design 2015 app design 2015

Paid Apps

Paid apps are starting to make its return instead of the free to play grind.

best paid app

app trends 2015

paid app designs

best paid apps

Simple Design, Complex Gaming

Keeping the design simple and focusing more on the complexity of the game is what will keep people hooked for months. Immerse them into a game that won’t get boring anytime soon.


app trends 2015

best indie apps 2015



best indie apps

best apps 2015

hidden narrative examples

Hidden Narrative

A hidden narrative is a great approach to lure users in on a more emotional level. The longer users spend on these types of game apps, the hidden narrative slowly comes to the surface.

best indie apps

indie best apps

app design trends

best indie apps

bad graphic designs


Searching and finding new apps is becoming more difficult. With more apps on the market, there’s a need to create a more efficient way to search for apps so users can find the app of their dreams.

app keyword research

app search tools


Freemium allows a user to download the app for free, but all the important features and functionality can only be accessed with a fee. The problem with this is the user can’t fully experience the app without investing in it.

app trends 2015

freemium game apps

freemium game app

freemium app examples


New technology has allowed creating an app more accessible to the masses. It’s caused an oversaturation of apps that serve no purpose and gain no traction. These same apps serve as keyword competition and it makes it hard for great games to gain momentum. Apps for weather, to-do lists, and finances are examples of apps that have become oversaturated.

weather app oversaturated

to-do list apps

google apps android

graphic design trends 2015

Passbook Integration

More apps are taking place of the stack of credit cards in our wallets. We’ll start to see a ton more brands taking advantage of Passbook to make banking and purchasing more efficient for the consumer.

passbook integration apps

passbook integration

passbook app designs


Along with the iOS 8 update, HealthKit for iOS makes it easy to store data from multiple health and fitness apps into one to centralize all data. So you can continue to use different apps (one for sleep, one for fitness, one for productivity) and create one dashboard for all.

healthkit app design

healthkit app design

app design 2015

Wearable Computing Apps

Tracking wellness, productivity, and other important factors in our lives are now made easier with wearable computing apps.

wearable computing apps

wearable apps android

iwatch wearable computing

The Death of the Password

Instead of a password, using your fingerprint to access your information is on the rise.


i08 fingerprint app

fingerprint app design


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