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motion graphics

Drone Footage

Who knew that your dad’s favorite Christmas present was one of the hottest current trends in film? With the advent of the drone, aerial footage has never been so awesomely easy to capture. Filmmakers have embraced the ability to shoot at lower angles and are orchestrating more dramatic action sequences than ever before.

Character Animation

With continued software advancements comes even more evolved characters models. It has never been easier to bring unique character creations to life. With more and more companies recognizing the messaging power of motion graphics, we expect an influx in compelling animated narratives.

Virtual Reality Storytelling

Whether through film or animated graphics, VR storytelling allows users to immerse themselves like never before. The medium’s unique ability to place the viewer within the story raises the emotional stakes in an unprecedented and powerful way. in 2018, we anticipate more individualized experiences and opportunities for discovery.

Color Pops

It’s undeniable that color drives the overall mood of a film. One of 2017’s reigning film trends was the exploration of bold and inspired color palettes. The most memorable examples use daring, high-contrast hues to unify scenes and represent a specific time and place.

Minimalism to a Fault

We’re all for sophisticated minimalism, but overly stripped audio is ineffectual and feels lazy. A full-bodied blend of sound effects is necessary to inject energy and atmosphere into a film. In 2018, let’s commit to creating the fully-layered sensory experiences that viewers deserve.

The Internet as Source Material

We’re not saying this CAN’T be done well, it just hasn’t been yet! Inspiration culled from internet phenomena was, for better or worse, one of 2017’s most prominent film trends. There’s nothing inherently wrong with using pop culture as a springboard, but it is essential to expand upon it. We hope to see more filmmakers producing original work with a meaningful message.

Stock Video Overload

As the adage goes, you get what you pay for. Trying to cut costs by using stock footage to cobble together a compelling video seems clever. But this will almost always result in projects that are bland, Frankenstein-ed together from an array of random video and motion styles. It can often take even more time trying to duct tape them all together. Utilizing your resources to architect your own vision is more work up front, yet will ultimately result in a better piece that is uniquely you.

Style blending

This is hardly a new concept, but it is quickly becoming more prevalent. The fusion of seemingly disparate elements can dial up dimension and visual interest when done well. When applied strategically to film and motion graphics, it provides distinction between environments and packs serious storytelling potential.

Takeaway: With new breakthroughs in tech, film and motion graphics are telling stories in uniquely compelling ways. We look forward to vibrant, larger than life experiences that will engage the senses like never before.

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