Brand Refresh
& Web Initiative is dedicated 501c(3) non-profit organization that powers a website serving a global audience of over 500,000 people each month from the Sikh faith. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, they reached out to Cubicle Ninjas to overhaul their brand and website with a modern look and experience.

Inspired by rich Sikh culture, our ninjas worked to create an identity that was both authentic to the faith and reflected contemporary design trends. The new look effortlessly melds key symbolic elements from SikhNet’s former identity with a fresh, modular structure and vibrant color palette. Overall, this branding system projects modernity, harmony, and optimism in a clean, colorful package.

Finding Focus

Target Audience

We also worked with SikhNet to craft “personas”, or representations of the types of people that would be visiting their site. Using this, we were able to further refine how each persona would experience the site and which information was best targeted to their needs and interests.

Refresh & Restart

Before & After

SikhNet used its new website and branding system to advance their mission while projecting modernity, harmony, and optimism in a clean, colorful package.


Custom Apps

No website is complete without a strong mobile presence, and Cubicle Ninjas was up to the task! Building off of our successful branding and persona development campaigns, we built a suite of mobile apps that delivered all of their vital content in an easy-to-view format for users on the go.