Tom Skilling’s WGN9 Weather Challenge

WGN-TV is Chicago’s leading news source, thanks in no small part to having one of Chicago’s most recognizable faces leading its weather news: Tom Skilling. Tom is WGN’s chief meteorologist and provides forecasts in a personal and joyful way. He not only leads in television, Tom also writes a daily weather column for the Chicago Tribune. WGN-TV was looking for more fun ways to promote Tom and the WGN brand.

Cubicle Ninjas had the perfect idea — to create a Tom Skilling game for mobile devices. We got to work designing, storyboarding, and developing a fun and simple game featuring an animated Tom Skilling, giving users a unique opportunity to interact with one of their favorite television personalities.

WGN-TV used this app to promote their station. The game was free to download, with monetization through ads or in-app purchases.

Forever Innovating

The Ninja Difference

We decided to add an extra interactive element to the gameplay. We built a feature where the app would check the local weather in Chicago each time the game started. The rainier and snowier it was outside, the more difficult the game became!