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Looking Inside a Ninja’s Arsenal


Like shadows that dance through the night, Ninjas can be a secretive bunch. This is what gives us the edge. But today is your lucky day, techie-warrior! Today we want to share some of our best-kept secrets with you. Here are 15 top (secret) weapons that make creating and maintaining an awesome website an absolute cinch, even for a novice:

1. Five Second Test

Test your websiteOpinions count! Test your skills in the combat zone. Get an easy assessment of your website design and landing pages with real people.

2. Pingdom

Test website load timeSpeed is everything for a real ninja. It doesn’t matter how great your site might be. If people are left twiddling their thumbs waiting for it to upload, the battle is lost before it even begins. Analyze and test the load time for your website pages.

3. Bundle Post

Bundle your social media postsKeep it real and create allies. It’s a battleground out there and you need to spend more time engaging with your audience than managing your social media posts. Efficiently search, edit, and schedule posts.

4. Hubspot’s Marketing Grader

Website_Overall_ViewHow good are you really, young novice? This site will give you a rapid evaluation of all your tricks, tools and techniques. From your website and mobile responsiveness to social media activity. From your blogging activity, lead nurturing and analytics through to your email marketing, get a solid overall view.

5. Down for Everyone or Just Me

Check your website reliabilityImportant ninja tip: invisibility is good, but not if you are a website! Make sure you’re accessible. Check if others can access your website using this site.

6. Browser Sandbox

Test website browser compatabilityTime is money. A warrior never wastes energy. Optimize your site and easily run applications without installing a new browser.

7. SEMrush

Gain competitor website insightsKnow thy enemy. Take a sneak peek over the wall at what your neighbors are doing. Get insights about your competitors’ strategies in organic and paid search, display ads, and link building.

8. Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine

Website_Snapshot_In_TimeThe Internet Archive does everything for you. Well, you still need to make your own coffee, ninja-style of course: black and strong! But for everything else, use Archive-It, search, capture, and manage collections of digital content without any technical knowledge or hosting facilities.

9. Google AdWords – Keyword Planner

Keyword_PlannerWith the right planning, everything seems simple. Unlock the perfect campaign with the right keywords.

10. iSpionage

Gain_Competitive_InsightAs the name suggest, use this tool to spy on your competitor’s pay-per-click (PPC) spend across Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. You’ll be able to see their ads, PPC keywords, and landing pages. You can have a sneak peek for free or upgrade for the full view.

11. Alexa

Analyze your website metricsIn a digital world, accurate figures are vital weapons. gives you instant metrics and insights on how to make your website perform better. Make the right decision with accurate information.

12. Grammarly

Ensure your website is grammatically correctDon’t be a nonja! Make sure your website reads well and is grammar-perfect. It corrects up to ten times more mistakes than standard word processors.

13. WooRank

Keep_UpdatedKeep your ear to ground. Watch the wind and stay updated with your website rank and get lots of website reviews. These are ancient tips! Get insights on how to better improve your online visibility and ranking with the use of social media and SEO.

14. Moz

Powerful website toolBecome more powerful AND spend time on more pressing matters. Up your efficiency by using a single tool to publish your listings to directories, apps, and search engines.

15. Majestic

Understand_How_Everything_Links_TogetherAncient warrior says, “Understand how it links together and use to your advantage.” Get more traffic by understanding how the web is linked together. With powerful tools including a site explorer, backlink history checker, and search explorer, you’ll know exactly what to do to rank with the top guys.

Guided by the ninja principles and using these tools, you can get your desired results in no time. Be daring, wise and agile: optimize your website like a real ninja! Need help with your website? Our ninjas can help you master the web with an amazing, optimized website. Let’s talk.

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