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Quantified Biometrics

Expand the value of immersive applications with quantified biometrics, a method of capturing and dynamically analyzing physical user data during in-app experiences.

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Since 2016, our team has led the integration of biometrics in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Whether you’re capturing heart rate, EEG, breath, motion, or beyond, a user’s biological feedback contains endless hidden insights.Quantified biometrics deliver the hard data needed to inform future decision-making and deliver improved experiences, measuring the true efficacy of your investment.
  • AR Biometrics
  • Breath Rate Monitoring
  • EEG Monitoring
  • Experiential Biometrics
  • Eye Tracking
  • Galvanic Skin Response Tracking
  • Heartrate Monitoring
  • HRV Tracking
  • Innovation Consulting
  • Microexpression Tracking
  • Ongoing Assistance
  • Sales Enablement
  • Targeted Recommendations
  • Technical Strategy & Roadmapping
  • VR Biometrics
  • … And More!

How Much Time Does Quantified Biometrics Implementation Take?

While timing can vary based on exact needs, we recommend 4 – 16 weeks.

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Guided Meditation VR

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Insights that Matter

Numbers don’t lie.

of the worlds most valuable brands take advantage of industry specific VR apps to increase customer satisfaction & improve internal performance.
of consumers who have experienced VR claim that they would tell friends about the experience and 79% said they would try it again.
more conversions can be seen in interactive video based content like VR Reality Applications than can be seen in passive marketing content.

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