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Frequently Asked Questions

At the dojo, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. We’re here to give you the answers you need before, during, and after a project.

Questions About…

Quotes & Payment

I contacted you regarding a quote. How long until I receive it?

We’ll be in touch within 24 hours with detailed price-breakdown, or a request to talk in greater detail.

How do you determine price?

We come to our quotes by looking at the time needed for the project and how available our creative ninjas are.

How long do projects usually take?

All cases are unique, but we prefer to work fast and with precision. But a good rule of thumb is:

  • Most small web projects take 2-4 weeks depending on urgency.
  • Big website overhauls take 2-3 months.
  • Illustration projects take 1-2 weeks.
  • Print designs really vary the most and can take a day to a few months in large jobs.

Will you get up and leave when the estimate time is done?

Nope, we’re there until the project is finished and you’re happy as possible.

Why would you need to talk to me?

Imagine you are an architect and you were contacted about building a new house. You would need to ask: how many rooms you’d like? What style did you have in mind? Is it okay if the bathroom is next to the stairs? Simple questions that let us give you an accurate representation of the time spent.

How long is my quote good for?

Quotes are effective for 14 days. After that we’d be happy to re-quote you for this project.

Why do creative companies make you contact them for a price?

Super FAQ Secret #1: Prices change fairly quickly for a design company. When the work is rolling in it, new projects become more expensive to take on. And when things slow down, customers get an immediate discount. It all depends on a bunch of wacky parameters that are out of our control.

But trust us, we’re normal people that want to help make your brand super cool. Pass along your info here and a quote will magically appear in your inbox.

How do I pay?

You can pay online or by invoice (whichever you prefer). Typically we bill 50% at project start and 50% at project close. But we understand this isn’t possible for everyone so we’re happy to work out payment solutions.

Questions About…

Cubicle Ninjas

So, why the name?

Every office has a few ninjas – the go-to warriors that save the day, reverse time, and exceed client expectations. We’ve secretly collected them to form an unstoppable design and illustration army.

Why are you different from other design firms?

We love what we do and we’d like to believe we are pretty great at it too. Plus, our breadth of work and world-class clients gives us a broad range of experience to draw from. Did we mention we’re real ninjas too?

I noticed some of your designs have their logos removed or use sample text. Why?

The majority of our portfolio is for large corporations that have very sensitive internal information. When a situation arises where showing this work might hurt their business, we’ve decided to remove any features the client would not wish us to release. But rest assured, all of the designs in our portfolio went on to live happy and healthy lives.

Do you take every project that comes your way?

Nope. We’re a passion-based studio so we only work on projects we’re excited to see get released into the world.

Why do you have so many FAQ questions?

Why are questions so fun to write?

Are you hiring?

Well…um…er…maybe. The thing about ninjas is we tend to secretly pick our own kind. It never hurts to send a resume and some samples, but odds are we won’t appear at your doorstep offering you the great katana of occupation.

Any tips if I'm going to throw caution to the wind and apply for a job anyway?

We made a list of 250+ tips for getting a creative job you might find handy.

But to summarize it into something speedy:

  • Be an awesome designer
  • Be able to communicate
  • Be dependable
  • Love to learn
  • Proofread your resume, cover letter, and portfolio
  • Assume everyone you talk to here is your new boss
  • No excuses
Questions About…

Creative Services

What exactly do I own?

The whole kit and kaboodle: Design files, imagery, code, or full print-ready PDF. You own all rights to each paid project you are involved with too. Breathe easy.

Why is illustration so expensive?

The truth is there are more brain surgeons in the country than professional illustrators. Good art (in any medium) is expensive because it is rare. We’re simply very dedicated, passionate chaps looking to help you take over the world one heart at a time.

Why shouldn’t I use one of those “3 logos for $100” companies instead?

Design is a process. It involves us working with you to build something from the ground up to match your style. Our focus is on building the highest quality designs to reflect your personal brand. And we work on refining this idea until it is razor sharp.

When you’re building a business your logo is the one item that will get seen thousands of times per year. You deserve to be happy and confident.

What if I don’t like the end result?

We’re to help. If we did something wrong then please let us know and we’ll correct it immediately.

Any chance I can see your websites in action?

Absolutely. Please visit our portfolio or be in touch by contact form we’d be happy to share the latest that haven’t hit the site.

We’re Here to Help

More questions?

If you have additional questions that weren’t answered here, feel free to reach out! We will respond shortly to help however we can.

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