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Launch Is The Beginning

Did you know that most complex development projects are statistically doomed to fail before they even start?

Whether you’re leading a corporate rebranding, championing a shiny new website, or steering a fresh marketing campaign – this thought likely keeps you up at night.

That’s why we wrote this eBook.

Let’s stop planning for failure. With thousands of successful design and development initiatives under our belt, in partnership with some of the world’s greatest brands, we’ve noticed a clear trend: successful teams see the world differently. Sure, you’ll launch faster and you’re much more likely to achieve better results. But the magic of this thinking is how it makes launch secondary to something much bigger than one arbitrary date.

Download your free copy of “Launch is the Beginning: Why Most Complex Development Projects are Doomed to Fail and How To Fix It” by using the form below. We hope you enjoy!

– Josh Farkas,
CEO of Cubicle Ninjas

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