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Responsive Logos

In 2017, we saw the rise of responsive logos – visual marks and type that can scale both on and off the web. The result is beautifully seamless and raises the bar for comprehensive brand identity design.

Animated Logos

With digital experiences further trumping print media, having a logo that interacts is more important than ever. Animated logos allow for more dynamic storytelling and greater aesthetic opportunity all wrapped up in a pretty moving package.

Bright Colors

Make it pop! Bright colors are one of the top branding trends of the year and we expect this to continue well into 2018. Loud, energetic visual identities are here to stay. Huzzah!


Yep, they’re back! From logos to packaging, 2017 saw gradients explode back onto the scene. Often paired with vivid color palettes, this trend helped propel the punchy aesthetic we’re seeing gain popularity in the branding design realm.

Faux Hipster Design

Hear us out. Vintage-inspired branding design can be absolutely stunning. But this overused, formulaic aesthetic has been so exhausted that it comes across like a stock template rather than a fresh, custom brand. In 2018, let’s ditch the fake hand-lettering and awful badge logos.

The Overuse of Minimalism

Simple and minimal can be stunning. It can also be lazy. Or confusing. Or both. Designing for trend’s sake and not audience understanding of a brand is a common pitfall of the industry. Remember – sometimes less is less, and 2018 wants more!

Flat Design

Gasp! Really? Really. By now, we all know the solid one-color look does not always equal a successful brand identity design. See below. Thankfully, we are finally seeing trends move past this tired rule. Gradients, shadows, and 3D elements are coming back – and it’s about time!

3D Elements

Regardless of media, 2018 will be the year of dimension. In print, expect to see heavy use of tactile 3D elements like embossing, texture, cut-outs, and pop-outs. In digital, expect to see heavy use of overlapping, skeuomorphism, shadows, and depth. In general, expect to be amazed.

Illustrative Photography

Combining hand-drawn illustration with dynamic photographic imagery, illustrative photography adds a unique twist of whimsy and fun. With so much flexibility and opportunity for new aesthetics, artists and designers alike have limitless possibilities to make this one of 2018’s top branding trends.


With the rise of 3D, flat design is falling flat. Metallics stand up to heavier 3D and textural artwork and possess the added bonus of working well in both digital and print media. In 2018, let it shine!

Takeaway: Realness is coming back to design. Think texture, shadow, shine, and depth. The flat simplicity of yesteryear, while beautiful in its own right, no longer carries the wow-factor it once did. Bring on dimension!


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